Following United’s dismal 2-2 draw with Fulham, yet another occasion when points have been dropped against one of the worst teams in the league, David Moyes claimed they were mentally soft.

“Today was as bad as it gets,” he said. “How we didn’t win, I have no idea. It’s goals that count. You can have as much possession as you like … Even when it was 2-1 and they put five minutes (of added time) up Fulham never came up the pitch, they left us with the ball. So it was nearly a case of just playing out time and we gave away a diabolical second goal. If we had one failing it was that we should have gone to win 3-1. You could use maybe mental softness that we didn’t see the job out and get the job done. I would agree with that … It was never one (way of attacking) … If you’re just going to look at the stats and think about the crosses you need to think about the number of passes and I don’t think we just went out and crossed the ball. Some people might say that one of the things that Manchester United do is play with width and cross the ball, that’s in the genes here.”

Whilst not taking blame away from the players, because they do have to take their fair share of criticism for our current position, to suggest that this group of footballers, the champions of England, are “mentally soft” and blaming that for the defeat, is ridiculous. Amongst the 14 players on the pitch for us today there was a total of 37 league title medals. These players aren’t mentally soft. These players are champions. They are winners. We can’t underestimate the impact Sir Alex Ferguson had on this mentality but it is ingrained in them and if they aren’t winning now, which they aren’t, and Moyes wants to argue their mentality isn’t right, then that is a failing of his. If he believes that these players, the champions, are mentally soft, what does he think is the cause of that?