During today’s FA Cup game at Anfield, Liverpool fans booed Patrice Evra every time he touched the ball. His crime? Being racially abused by Luis Suarez in the last game between the two clubs.

One Liverpool fan was caught on camera doing a monkey impression when Evra was on the ball. “This matter is now under investigation by specialist hate crime detectives and we are working with Liverpool Football Club to identify the man in question.”

In response, following kick-off, Liverpool fans started spreading the disgusting rumour that United fans had been arrested for spitting on the Hillsborough memorial.

The Merseyside police have quickly spoken out against these rumours, claiming that whilst two people were arrested and seventeen people were ejected from the ground, it was all for “low level incidents.”

Is there no limit to the depths those vermin will sink today? Why on earth would you make up a rumour like that?