In the hopes that Michael Carrick is an avid reader of RoM, why weren’t you playing today against Birmingham?

Darren Fletcher and Paul Scholes started in the centre of our midfield, with Gisbon and Anderson preferred to Carrick on the bench.

“There’s no injury to Michael Carrick. You’ll have to ask him why he’s out,” Ferguson is reported as saying on ESPN, before claiming Rio will be out for the next few weeks with his thigh injury, Jonny Evans is having a problem with his ankle and Nemanja Vidic is still off.

So what could Carrick have done?

1. Talking to another club behind our back
First team football for the Champions of England and he doesn’t seem the sort to let even City’s money tempt him.

2. Turning up late for training
Hungover from the night before, rolling up late at Carrington with shades on and telling the manager to chill out. Nah, probably not.

3. Having it away with Cathy
I think Lady Ferguson probably only has eyes for Sir Alex.

So, I’m pretty clueless on this one. Any ideas?