May 10th 2004, three months before signing for Real Madrid.

“We will sort something out amicably next summer,” said Owen. “I won’t just up and leave on a Bosman. I have the rest of this season and all next still left on my existing contract but talks have already started on a new one. Inevitably, they are complex though and don’t get done in just a week. But I certainly see myself at Liverpool next year. Why not? I’m not in football for the money. And that is largely what it means when players sit out their contracts and go for free.”

June 22nd 2009

Owen confirms he will not re-sign for Newcastle, after joining for a massive £17m fee and scoring just 26 league goals in 4 season (an average of 6 a season), and therefore leaving the club on a Bosman.

Michael Owen? In it just for the money? Surely not! Most players named European Footballer of the Year sign for a club like Newcastle three years later, for the peak time of their career, on a massive pay day. No?