Ahead of United’s match against Middlesbrough on Monday, Ferguson spoke of a need to end a feud between the two clubs.

“Over the years we have had some contentious games, culminating earlier in the season with the Carling Cup tie,” said Ferguson. “A terrible tackle put Rodrigo Possebon out of the game but could easily have broken his leg. I lost my temper at the time but hopefully that challenge has served to bring both clubs to their senses. I feel the healing process started when their manager and his coach apologised for the tackle and things said in the heat of the moment. I think we understand better now that we are involved in games of football and not a war. I am sure we can build a better relationship.”

Southgate has rubbished this claim today though, insisting that Boro have the utmost respect for United and everything we’ve won.

“Suggestions that there is a feud between the two clubs is nonsense,” said Southgate. “And as far as I’m concerned there’s no way there’s any bad feeling at all. We have the greatest respect for United and everything they have achieved.”

Somehow, I just don’t buy it.

Outrageously, Ronaldo was called a cheat by Gareth Southgate, for winning a penalty at the Riverside. Replays showed that whilst the goalkeeper did not make contact with the player, he also didn’t touch the ball. Ronaldo tried to stay on his feet so he could guide the ball in to the open net, but tripped trying to avoid the legs of the keeper.

Southgate later admitted he was wrong to call Ronaldo a cheat and that he hadn’t dived.

We played Middlesbrough again and Ronaldo won a penalty again. The Boro fans went mental again, calling him a diver.

“When I looked at it on tape, Ronaldo’s body language said he was waiting for it,” said Boateng. “And when I watched Woodgate’s leg closely, I don’t think he made any contact at all. But Ronaldo cleverly left his leg behind so it looked like he touched him.”

Woodgate later spoke about the penalty decision, siding with Ronaldo, insisting it wasn’t a dive.

“Whether it was a penalty or not, I don’t know,” said Woodgate. “I couldn’t honestly tell myself but I don’t think he dived so you can’t blame him. He’s a fantastic player. There is a touch of genius in him and to be fair, he lights up the Premiership.”

Towards the end of that match, Morrison violently took Ronaldo out, which was met with cheers from the away end. What was Ronaldo’s crime? He was letting the clock tick down in injury time, walking with the ball towards the corner flag. Boateng justified Morrison’s violence.

“A lot of players want to do what Morrison did. Why didn’t Ronaldo do his tricks when it was 0-0 when people were fighting to get a goal? That annoys people,” said Boateng. “I’m not saying Morrison wanted to spoil his career or I’d ever do anything like that. But one day somebody will do it, whether in an international or in the Premier League. People don’t like it. No one likes to have the mickey taken out of them. One day, someone will hurt him properly and he’ll be out for a long time.”

United played Middlesbrough in the League Cup three months ago. Boro captain Emanuel Pogatetz planted his studs just below Rodrigo Possebon’s knee. Our young player had to be stretchered off the field taking gas with fears of a broken leg. Fortunately, he was just out for a couple of months. Pogatetz has already broken a players leg, scarily aged just 22-years-old.

When we played Boro at the beginning of this week, Pogatetz strangled Ronaldo in the box. The referee didn’t send Pogatetz off or award a penalty. The FA have not acted.

Go fuck yourself, Southgate. There is a feud and it’s thanks to your players, so don’t go playing the innocent card now.