Whilst playing for Spartak Moscow, Emanuel Pogatetz was banned for 6 months following a leg breaking tackle. The player known as “Mad Dog”, for reasons which have become all too clear this evening, saw his ban reduced to just 2 months on appeal.

In United’s match against Middlesbrough in the Carling Cup this evening, Pogatetz, aged 25-years-old, may have broken the second player’s leg of his career.

With just over an hour played, Rodrigo Possebon was chasing down a ball in the opposition’s half. It was always going to be a 50/50 challenge and as Possebon slid in on the ground, the Boro captain, lifted his feet with his studs clattering in to our young player just below the knee.

Replays showed intent, with the Boro defender certainly not needing to lift his foot so high when the ball was on the ground.

Possebon appeared to have a hole in his leg just below his knee and raised his arm in agony before he even hit the deck. White as a ghost, he was finally taken off the field with his leg protected and the gas brought out for the pain.

Pogatetz had the nerve to act surprised as his team mates crowded around the referee. None of them were booked though. I guess we’re not respecting the referee today.

Nothing has been confirmed as yet, and whilst we can remain hopeful, the chances of him avoiding a leg break has slim to none here.

For pictures of the challenge click here and here.