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So that thug Middlesbrough call their captain, Emanuel Pogatetz, has been up to his old tricks. Aged 25-years-old, he’s already broken one player’s leg and had a good go at breaking our own Rodrigo Possebon’s earlier in the season, planting his studs just below Possebon’s knee.

In today’s 1-0 victory over Gareth Southgate’s men, Pogatetz was seen wrapping both his hands around Ronaldo’s throat in an off the ball incident in the box.

Is it any wonder Sir Alex Ferguson acts for him to be protected and any wonder he loses his cool every now and again? As if getting kicked black and blue wasn’t bad enough, now he’s getting fucking throttled and still the ref doesn’t want to know!

Ronaldo chased after Pogatetz down the tunnel but was pulled back by Dimitar Berbatov.

Another incident to add to Middlesbrough’s growing list

The Times: The Portugal winger had frantic claims for a penalty waved away on the stroke of half-time when Emmanuel Pogatetz appeared to grab him by the throat.

Setanta: Emanuel Pogatetz wrestled Ronaldo to the ground but escaped a penalty award.

The MEN: ON a night when there was so much talk of burying the hatchet, all that mattered to United was the shot that Dimitar Berbatov buried into the back of the net. And that’s saying something considering Emanuel Pogatetz seemed more interested in burying his fist in Cristiano Ronaldo’s throat.

The Mirror: Ronaldo spent much of his walk to the tunnel complaining to referee Martin Atkinson he should have had a penalty after being grappled to the ground by Pogatetz at a corner right on the whistle but the official was unmoved.