With 70 minutes played and the score at 4-2, goalscorer Michael Carrick was about to burst in to the box, before Michael Turner cynically brought him down, making no effort to even go near the ball.

The crowd were anticipation of a sending off, either as a straight red for denying Carrick a goalscoring opportunity, or at the very least a booking. However, with 20 minutes played, Turner had clobbered Nani and picked up his first booking, meaning he certainly deserves his marching orders.

Mike Dean didn’t have the balls for it though, instead giving Turner a talking to. From this point on, it was a slippery slope for the referee as he lost control of the game. The fans were riled, singing about him being a wanker, as our players became frustrated on the pitch.

“The deciding factor may have been when Michael Carrick was brought down on the edge of the box and [Michael Turner] didn’t get a booking,” Ferguson said after the match. “He’d already been booked so the referee failed in his duty there. It should have been a red card because he was right through. Even a yellow card and the player would have been off. And that makes a difference, you know.”