The John Obi Mikel transfer saga was one of the most ridiculous events we’ve seen in Premiership football. He signed a deal with United, then went missing, came on Sky Sports News saying he’d been forced to sign (despite being all smiles in a United shirt at the press conference) and wanted to play for Chelsea, and eventually, he got his wish.

Since joining Chelsea, he has won two trophies, the FA and League cups, which is something to be proud of in your first two seasons at the club. However, it’s got to hurt to see United lift the one that really matters, the Premiership trophy, twice in those times.

Last season, Mikel was one of the Chelsea players applauding our lads on the field after we’d claimed the title just three days before. Seeing Sir Alex Ferguson, the man he’d previously agreed to play for, beaming on the touchline must have been enough to turn his stomach.

In the past week leading up to our title winning weekend, Mikel had a lot to say in the press.

“We have a pretty good chance in the Premier League, and in the Champions League as well, so we just have to keep winning our games and wait for Manchester United to slip up,” he said four days ago. “In the last game hopefully, no-one knows, they may drop two points and if we win against Bolton we win the title.”

However, a draw for Chelsea at home against Bolton coupled with a victory for United away to Wigan, saw us claim the title by two points.

Today, he has spoken out about his frustration about losing the title to the team he could now be playing for.

“There is a sense of frustration but determination among everyone,” said Mikel. “At the end of the day, we wouldn’t have won the title anyway. We wanted to win and we knew that three points was our only chance of beating Manchester United, but it wasn’t to be. We were saying to each other afterwards that we would put things right in Moscow. We will keep working hard until the final and make sure we win the Champions League. They have won the league again but we know that we’re good enough to beat them. “They’re a very good side, we all know that, but we have to focus on the day. I think we’re going to win it.”

A victory for United against Chelsea in the Champions League final next week would further cement the idiocy of Mikel’s decision making. To think he battled so hard and for so long, missing a year of his playing career, to get a move away from the current back to back league Champions, instead playing for the runner’s up.

Revenge is sweet…