John Obi Mikel missed a year of his footballing career so that he could move from his initial ‘dream’ club, Manchester United, to his second ‘dream’ club, Chelsea. After signing with United, showing up at a press conferences smiling, talking of how lucky he felt he was to be one of our players, he went missing. The next time we saw him he was on Sky Sports News claiming he never wanted to sign for United and wanted to play for Chelsea instead.

Since moving to Chelsea, United have won the league both years as well as beating his team in the European Cup final.

After suffering a humiliating defeat yesterday, Mikel still cannot acknowledge that his side were totally outplayed by United, who for the first time this season, really played well.

“We are all disappointed today,” said Mikel. “We are football players, top football players, and no one likes losing. You get things going wrong like this and it depends how we get on with it and try to fix everything right now. In this time we have to show our strong character, remain as a family and get things right. We were playing really well then the goal went in and it changed the second half. They didn’t play that well, but we conceded goals from set pieces, it isn’t good enough. This season we haven’t really conceded goals from open play. I’ve counted and they are all set pieces, corners, free-kicks, throw-ins, or crosses. It’s something we have to work on. The only one I can think of is against Arsenal which was offside anyway.”