Of all the teams we had to play when remember the Munich Air Disaster, it doesn’t get a lot worse than the bitters. Liverpool would be worse, as they, unlike City, have no reason to hold back on their sick Munich chants. As City had to be reminded in a letter from their manager that accompanied the tickets, City’s own legend Frank Swift lost his life in the crash.

There had been talk of honouring the Babes with a minute’s applause, instead of a more appropriate minute’s silence, to drawn out any of the songs the away support might sing. I feared that instead of exposing the scum bags for what they are in front of the eyes of the world, United would cave and forgo the silence.

Kevin Parker, the City supporters’ club secretary, has admitted today that they were desperate for an applause to be given, so the club could escape the humiliation of their sick fans’ chants. “Although there is some friendly rivalry between supporters of the two clubs, there is also a great deal of hatred and there will be some City fans who will not want to go along with the recognition of the disaster,” he said. “We plead with United to change the proposed minute’s silence to applause. In this way, any idiot who does not share these views (of respect) will be drowned out rather than highlighted.”

So, United should not honour our dead heroes in the way we feel fit, just to save City’s blushes? If the minority of City fans want to show up the rest of them, and their club, then so be it. That is not our problem.

In response, it has been announced today that the more respectful minute’s silence will rightly go ahead. United’s communications director Phil Townsend told the club’s official website: “Manchester United have given great thought to the best way of remembering those who died at Munich. We feel a minute’s silence is the most appropriate way of paying tribute. We do not feel that applause is appropriate given that 23 people died.”

Will the City fans surprise us and respect the occasion?