Carlos Tevez has handed in a transfer requestion to Manchester City with the hopes of joining Real Madrid in January. This should come as no surprise, given that the blues’ captain has repeatedly spoke of his unhappiness since moving over to the blue side of Manchester.

Whilst at Manchester United, he initially talked of a long career with us, before returning to Boca Juniors in his 30’s. He then changed his mind and said he hoped he would see out his career with us.

“I cannot ever imagine leaving Manchester United,” Tevez said in September 2008. “I am in the perfect situation. My relationship with the club is perfect. Patrice Evra is my closest friend but the feeling I get from all the players is something I’ve not experienced before. I want to get the contract sorted and play for United for the rest of my career.”

However, since signing for City, he has repeatedly spoken about being tired, wanting to retire, and having lost all desire to return to Argentina to play football.

In a bid to cheer him up, Roberto Mancini made him captain, despite the fact he can’t speak English. But even the armband wasn’t enough to quell the deep depression being a City player has caused the poor ickle Argie.

How does the cow in the other field look to you now? This is how it feels to be City, Carlitos.

The Telegraph