I got to Old Trafford earlier than usual yesterday, hoping that there might be some sort of ceremony to celebrate the wonderful season we’ve just enjoyed. Whilst the friendly against Juve was billed as the trophy celebration, I was sure they’d let the home crowd on the first day of the season share in the success.

The first game of the season after we won the Treble saw the ball boys parading around the pitch with all three trophies, and that year, the whole city got to see the trophies brought home on the bus. This year, we’ve been deprived of that, so I was pretty pissed off when we didn’t even get a glimpse of the trophies yesterday.

The players came out of the tunnel, met with a loud and warm welcome from the crowd, as the lower tears of all stands bar the South, lifted the pieces of plastic to spell out a message.

I was at Solskjaer’s testimonial a couple of weeks back and was part of the North stand holding up the “20legend”. The ever impressive Believe” mosaics at the European Cup semi-final and final also was quite a sight to behold. So what message were we giving out on the opening day against Newcastle?

From where I was sat, all I could see was the ‘Please’ being held in the East stand, but I forgot about it, eager for the opening match in the defence of our league title to begin.

It’s only since the match that I’ve seen what the full message was. “More goals please”. Sorry, but what the fuck is that about? Someone has obviously gone mosaic mad and it’s cringeworthy. Next we’ll have our fans creating mosaics for Saudi Telecom!

Maybe we can hold up plastic sheets spelling “Wanky Wanderers” for our next home game when the Trotters come to town? “Welcome Back” for the following home game against West Brom? Christ, there’s no end to embarrassing messages we can hold up to ensure the powerful statement against Barcelona is well and truly spoilt.

The fact that we could only score one goal against Newcastle, courtesy of Darren bloody Fletcher, means you can only laugh, to save yourself from crying!

What do you make of it?