Just yesterday I was having a good laugh at Peter Kenyon, who after two games in a Chelsea shirt, claimed Deco was the transfer deal of the summer. 2 goals in 2 games, 1 good performance 1 crap performance, and Kenyon thinks they’ve got Kaka on their hands. Before making such ridiculous comments, Kenyon probably should have taken a look at the top scorers table, which suggests Deco is no better than Darren Fletcher, Mido or Stoke’s Ricardo Fuller, and has nothing on City’s Elano!

So we know he’s a dick, we know he shows himself up at every given opportunity, whether it’s selling out his club or cocking up transfers. But I’d have to say this latest stunt at Chelsea could top the lot.

So confident was Kenyon that he’d got the Robinho deal nailed, Chelsea’s official website were giving fans the option to pre-order Chelsea shirts with Robinho’s name on the back, his number yet to be confirmed.

“We are ever confident that it (the transfer) will get done,” said Kenyon.

He had predicted the sale would go through yesterday, until Real Madrid threw a spanner in the works.

“Robinho still two years left on his contract,” said Real sporting director, Pedrag Mijatovic. “That being the case he is our player for the next two seasons so you can draw your own conclusions from that. In a healthy environment and in a team with a winning spirit there is no problem that cannot be sorted.”

Our new best friend, Ramon Calderon, also indicated the deal was off. “The coach and the sports director want the player to stay and I am sure he will,” he said. “Our squad is complete and it is impossible for us to have one better than the one we have.”

Now, Chelsea have had to pull the offer from their site, which was located here.

“Our online partner, Kitbag, always prepares in advance of any potential signings, and unfortunately it accidentally made its way onto the site but has now been removed,” said a Chelsea spokesperson. Accidentally? Who are they trying to kid? How does the option to buy something on their website appear by accident?