I’m sure I wasn’t alone in being unimpressed with City’s travelling support in the weekend. Whilst they sung a song or two in the aftermath of a goal, they didn’t give out the impression it was derby day and they were really up for it. Whilst the Old Trafford atmosphere is often mocked, honest City fans there that day would have to admit they were completely outdone on Sunday.

Still, Mark Hughes, with his delusion City hat on, reckons his fans made a lot of noise. To be honest, I’d expect any team who scored three goals at Old Trafford to scream the house down, particularly that bitter lot, but they were silent for large chunks of the match.

“I don’t think we made as much noise as is being made out. A noisy neighbour? Well in terms of noise our fans made then you could possibly say that,” said Hughes. “They know after the character that we showed at Old Trafford, Manchester City are not going to go away. I think people are beginning to realise we will have a say in what will happen this season.”