You can write a book filled with the moronic statements made by John “British bulldog” Terry. Some of my favourites: 1. At the start of the 2008-2009 season, he claimed United had peaked and Chelsea were ready to improve. United went on to win the league for a third successive season, seven points clear of third placed Chelsea. 2. After going AWOL for a month with rumours rife he was ready to join City, he claimed “there was never an issue” of him leaving. In the same interview, he also said he’d had “a few sleepless nights” over City’s offer. 3. After Didier Drogba screamed and swore in to a Sky Sports camera, broadcast all over the world, the England captain repeatedly claimed he was “fully behind” Drogba for his reaction.

Today though, we have another to add to the list.

“We’re still on target for 90 points this season and we are the only club which is.”

Not that it is really necessary for me to prove how ridiculous Terry’s statement is, I will do so anyway, because it’s fun.

Of the final 21 games of the season, United could win 16 and draw 5, yet still pick up 90 points. Win 17, draw 2 and lose another 2.

Last season, we won 18 of the last 21 games. But last season we had Cristiano Ronaldo, right? Well, interestingly enough, Ronaldo scored in just 5 of those last 18 winning games.

As for Chelsea being the only team on track to finish with the 90 points total, it’s as if Terry thinks there is some massive gap between us. As if 3 points means anything when there are still 63 points on offer to win.

Then when you consider Chelsea have yet to visit Old Trafford (and hopefully we’ll be able to outbid Abramovich for the ref this time around) and their most effective players, Didier Drogba and Michael Essien, are about to leave for the ACoN, the three points look even less.

Finally, I’d be amazed if the team that wins the league this season will need 90 points to do it. United and Chelsea have already lost more games than United and Liverpool did during the whole of last season. Chelsea’s best players got older and United sold Ronaldo. Maybe the rest of the league has improved. Who knows? But the top two look a lot more vulnerable this season than they did last.

In conclusion, John Terry, you are a moron.