Jose Mourinho has no interest in bringing youth through. Jose Mourinho is entirely clueless in the transfer market (just compare the team he was given by Ranieri to the team he left Grant with). Jose Mourinho does not know how to be successful by playing attacking football. Yet alarmingly, some reds think he’s the man for the job because he’s got a big personality. No doubt, he’s got arrogance and he’s got a way with the press, but replacing Sir Alex Ferguson will be the biggest football appointment in the World ever, and it needs to be based on something more than a cocky glint in the eye.

Mourinho has always been successful because he was given great squads and gave them the self-belief they needed to be the best. But don’t forget how his Chelsea career ended, with his dismantling the great squad of Ranieri and replacing the likes of Robben with Malouda, Huth with Ben Haim and Boulahrouz, Gudjohnsen with Pizarro etc. as well as selling off almost every attacking midfielder and replacing them with defensive central midfielders.

With his personality came a nastry streak. He claimed he’d seen Frank Rikjaard enter referee Anders Frisk’s office at half time. Frisk received death threats from Chelsea fans and retired from his job, only for Mourinho to later confess he hadn’t seen anything. For all Ferguson’s big talk, can you imagine him lying about something like that?

Cristiano Ronaldo was shining brightly in the 06-07 season and as it began to came to an end, Chelsea unlikely to retain the title, Mourinho lashed out at the 21-year-old. He said he expected maturity from Ronaldo, then went on to slag Ronaldo off over his ‘difficult childhood’ and ‘lack of education’. For all Ferguson’s mind games, can you imagine him making digs about a young lad’s background and upbringing?

Mourinho is a big personality, no doubt, but he’s not a patch on Ferguson. Mourinho fancies himself as special, whilst Ferguson, who has won at least triple the amount of trophies Jose ever will, would never speak of himself that way. To compare them in any way, shape or form is entirely insulting to our brilliant manager.

“I have big jobs left in me that is for sure, but I can’t commit to which ones,” said Mourinho. “If you want me to rule out ever being Manchester United manager I can’t. Special clubs need special managers so in theory it could work. But nobody knows what the future is in football. The England national team wanted me as coach and that is the biggest job in England, so I am sure when Sir Alex retires they will look at the best managers in the world and I certainly fall into that category. How much time I can’t say, Sir Alex doesn’t look like he is ready to stop. But when you are managing a winning team you don’t want to stop. And if you have health then there is no reason to.”

Modest as always but his last season in England proved he wasn’t special. He proved that he couldn’t successfully make it through a transition period, which is the reason why all of Chelsea’s best players now are in their 30’s, as Mourinho did not plan for the future. He proved that when the competition improved, he couldn’t keep up with the pace. Michael Carrick was the only summer buy we made, whilst they added Ashley Cole, Ballack and Shevchenko to their title winning team, yet they were still eight points behind when the title was won by us.

I’ll be sick to my stomach if he becomes United manager and I hope however chummy Sir Alex is with him, he’ll be able to clearly see past that when trying to help us find who should fill his shoes. Sir Bobby Charlton and Bryan Robson are wise to TNSSO, so that is something at least. As if the Glazers coming in wasn’t bad enough, to then take away our attacking football and youth policy would be heartbreaking. Mourinho is not special, he certainly is not good enough for United, and the day he is even considered to replace Sir Alex Ferguson would be a very sad one indeed!