Ahead of Sunday afternoon’s match between Chelsea and Manchester United, Jose Mourinho has reminded the Chelsea fans, who regard him as their greatest ever manager, that he is 100% United now.163408471-ae6dc5e2-7f98-4753-86d5-1dea78ba90bc

Connections start before titles are won. But it is success that brings empathy between supporters and managers and makes that connection become really strong. I have a three-year contract and if I am here for three years the people will know that I have given everything to the club and that I am a professional, dedicated coach who gives himself 24 hours a day to United. But if at the end of the three years I haven’t won a single piece of silverware for them, they will say ‘great guy, good coach, we like him, but we feel nothing special about him’.

Chelsea have won four Premier League titles in their history. Three of them were won with me and the other one was won by the team I left behind. I took them to Wembley, I took them to Cardiff, I took them to cup finals. So there is a connection based on empathy – but built on success.

In the end, when my last two or three months at the club were a period of bad results, the fans kept that empathy and remembered our relationship. That is something I don’t forget. And that is something I will always be grateful about because, with me, they have always behaved in a fantastic way.

There is one thing that Chelsea fans can be sure of now: I am Manchester United 100%,” he said. “I want to win with United and make them the best but I will always be respectful to Chelsea and it doesn’t matter what happens, I will never lose that feeling of respect towards the club.