Jose Mourinho has revealed that discussions have taken place between Manchester United and Real Madrid over the transfer of David de Gea. However, the United manager claims the goalkeeper is happy here and the Spanish side are no longer looking to sign him.

I can guarantee that he is not going this season. My feeling is it will very difficult for him to go. He is a very honest, straight boy. He was contacted for a long time, the club was closed and then we opened. I always have this feeling when a player has a desire to go, then I don’t like to stop players because you don’t get from them what you expect from them if they want to move and they don’t. So we opened it and then they decided to close it. I see him really happy, focused, working better than ever and 100 per cent he stays with us.

Sergio Romero has just enjoyed a great season for United and was chosen to start in the Europa League final against Ajax. Mourinho has claimed that the improvement in Romero has made De Gea work even harder.

I’m impressed with Sergio but I’m also impressed with David. I think the best thing that could happen to David was the way Romero played last season, because until then David was clearly a safe man, a safe choice and after what Romero did last season David thinks he’s training in another way.

David is much better now than before and he has amazing conditions to progress. So to have both at the level, they can be is fantastic for me and it gives me the chance to choose the players in relation to the moment, and in relation to the qualities of the opponent because obviously they are different goalkeepers. But both are very good and for Joel [Pereira] to be learning with them and playing with us is good. Tomorrow I play Romero and David, 45-45. It is not just them three but also Sam Johnstone showed at Villa that he is a good goalkeeper with potential, so we are really good in goalkeepers.