Spain drew 3-3 with Portugal on Friday evening, with Cristiano Ronaldo scoring the 51st hattrick of his career. His second goal will be one David de Gea wants to forget though, when he allowed what should have been a routine save see the ball go in to the back of the net.

Jose Mourinho has claimed that he is hurting for De Gea but insists that the goalkeeper will be ready for the next game.

It’s my boy, it hurts me to say but he knows it’s a bad mistake. It’s a mistake he doesn’t make with us, United – player of the season, fantastic performances. But that happens to the best. The good thing with the best is that in the next match he will be there – not afraid, confident to go and ready to help his team. It is a goal with David’s face.

Ronaldo, who played for Mourinho at Real Madrid, stole the show and the Manchester United manager has sung his praises.

There are players for some matches, there are players for every match and there are players for special matches. And the players for special matches are the ones.

Juan Mata took to Twitter to offer his support for his friend, tweeting “you’re the best, period.”