Jose Mourinho has an impressive resume, with his league titles and Portugal and England, as well as his European Cup win with Porto, yet he is still some way short of deserving a job at Manchester United.

His success has always come upon inheriting top squads, with both Chelsea and Porto finishing 2nd in their leagues before he took over. With Chelsea, he dismantled that squad, and by the time he left, the squad was worse than it was when he initially took the job. There were of course two league titles in between that time, an impressive feat no doubt, but when rivals United and Arsenal weren’t up to much.

The football is teams played would not be accepted at United. With all the money in the World at Chelsea, the opportunity to buy pretty much any player he liked, Chelsea’s football was defensive and controlled. Sure, they were efficient, and that meant they won trophies, but at the cost of entertaining football. Whilst the likes of Sir Alex Ferguson and Arsene Wenger have proved that is entirely possible to play thrilling football that wins trophies, on budgets smaller than Mourinho’s, why should we settle for less?

However, the rumours linking Mourinho to replace Ferguson are mounting, much to my displeasure.

Fergie has again insisted that he won’t be going on forever at United, with plans to retire in two years, sparking discussion on who is to replace him.

“I won’t be doing a Bobby Robson and be a manager when I am 70,” he said today. “It is just knowing when to quit. Football is like a drug which is difficult to give up. My appetite and enthusiasm are as strong as ever. I love watching Manchester United. We have some terrific players who are only going to get better.”

In one of the tabloids today, ‘a Chelsea source’ has revealed that Mourinho had somewhat of an obsession with United, suggesting his recent comments about his plan for a return to the Premier League were with the intention of managing our club.

“Jose always made his love of United very clear, in fact he was obsessed with them and talked about being in charge of the biggest club in the world,” said the source. “He wanted to test himself in Italy when he left the Bridge, but it was obvious to most people he wanted to come back here with United to haunt us.”

Regardless, United are adamant that there are no leads on who is set to replace our manager.

“As we have said many times before, there has been no discussion about who will eventually succeed Sir Alex,” said a United spokesman yesterday.

I can only hope when those discussions do start, the only mention of Mourinho’s name will come to rule him out.