Bastian Schweinsteiger played in his first game of the season in Wednesday’s 4-1 win over West Ham. Jose Mourinho made it clear in the summer that the German was surplus to requirements, leaving Schweinsteiger to train away from the first team.

However, with the suspension of Paul Pogba and injury of Marouane Fellaini, Mourinho called on Schweinsteiger to come off the bench. He was given a standing ovation from Old Trafford and his every touch on the ball was cheered.screen-shot-2016-12-02-at-20-51-57

Mourinho has today conceded that Schweinsteiger may now stay beyond the January transfer window.

Of course he can [stay]. When you have a contract with the club, you are the powerful one, the one who can decide your future. So, in the summer, we tried to make something happen for Bastian, to get him a different future. He decided to stay, even in difficult circumstances, and he worked for that, so he deserved that little happiness of the last match.

In January again he will be the powerful one, and probably with a better feeling than before because, now he’s working with the team, he understands better our dynamic, our philosophy. You can see from the other day he is someone who is so proud of his efforts, of his determination, and I like people with determination. Everybody was happy for him, because when he was not training with the team he did it in a professional way.

He’s another one who can help us. During the season there are injuries and suspensions. Pogba and Fellaini were both suspended in that match and he was ready.