Following the 0-0 draw against Liverpool, where Jose Mourinho was on the receiving end of plenty of stick from the English media, the Manchester United manager has been guilty of some questionable behaviour.

First, he gave an interview with French TV channel TF1 where he stated he categorically wouldn’t see out his career at United. This surely isn’t a shock to any, given Mourinho never spends longer than three seasons at a club, but it is unnecessarily negative. Given he was talking about his desire to spend the next 15 years at United not so long ago, it seems a needless statement to make.

Mourinho was also guilty of flirting with PSG, calling them “special” and “magical”, leading reports to claim he was keen to take on the PSG job.

Another suggestion was that Mourinho was merely looking for a new and improved contract for himself so was attempting to put pressure on United.

Mourinho doesn’t say anything by accident. He isn’t clumsy with his words. Yet in Tuesday’s press conference, ahead of our game against Benfica tomorrow, he has accused the press of misinterpreting his words.

You know, I think you English media know the answer for that because in one day it says I’m going to sign a five-year contract, £1 billion per season, and then the next day you say I’m leaving and going to PSG. That’s the answer, the answer is exactly that.

Nothing is happening, I’m not signing a new five-year contract, I’m at Manchester United, I have a contract and that’s it.

I don’t think there is an answer for that. I’m not in conditions to answer that because there is nothing to answer, I have a contract and that’s it.

I have my contract that ends in June 2019, we are in October 2017, so I don’t know what to say, and I think you don’t know what to say too because one day you say I am going to sign a five-year contract and the next day you say I am going to leave so I don’t think you know what to say.

The only thing that I said and is true, and there was not misinterpretation of my words, is I am not going to end my career at Manchester United. And I ask how is it possible in modern football that a manager is going to last 15 or 20 years?

I think Wenger is the last one. It is impossible for us, to last for so long. If in this moment I want to finish my career in four or five years my ambition would be to end my career at Manchester United.

I think I’m going to be here 15 years minimum in the job and I think it’s impossible to stay 17 years in the same club even if you want, even if you try.

I think Arsene Wenger will be the last one to do that, that was my answer. I don’t think I’m going to end my career at Manchester United, after that people try to be clever, malicious. I didn’t think about signing a new contract, but I don’t think about leaving, too.

Having spent 17 months at United without this sort of behaviour, it’s disappointing he’s chosen to revert to type now.