Jose Mourinho has revealed that after Porto knocked Manchester United out of the European Cup, following a match-deciding decision by the linesman, Sir Alex Ferguson and Gary Neville were dignified in defeat and congratulated his players.

“You would have thought we had won the World Cup,” said Mourinho. “And then there was a knock on the door. It was Alex, with Gary Neville. As they came in, everybody fell silent, respectful. The party stopped. The party was over. And, as Gary Neville went round shaking hands with my players, Alex shook hands with me and said that, after the press conference, I was invited to come to his office for a drink. What a special person it was, I thought, who would do anything to win but, if he lost, still do that. At that moment I made a decision. It was that, if I ever came to England, I would follow this example.”

I can only assume that after he got the Chelsea job, he changed his mind.