Jose Mourinho didn’t have the best reputation for his behaviour and style of play at the clubs he managed before Manchester United. Between poking his thumb in an opposition manager eye, his sexist treatment of Eva Carneiro and playing dull football, Mourinho’s baggage made him an unpopular appointment for some United fans.

Michael Carrick reckons that the Mourinho that United has is different to the Mourinho of Chelsea and other clubs.

I think the manager has adapted to United traditions – and he’s admitted that himself. That is credit to the manager. Of course, you have to play to the strengths of the players you have, but in the background he has a philosophy of what he wants to achieve.

I’ve really enjoyed it. Before the manager came I was intrigued to see what he would be like and how he would cope with things at United. You could tell right from the start that he is a winner. It is still all about winning with Jose Mourinho. But there is also a certain way he wants to play now, which is maybe a little different to what his teams have been known for in the past He’s a bit more attacking, if you like. I think it has worked. For the run we’ve gone on and how we have played, to still be sixth is disappointing.