Following Manchester United’s 2-1 win away to Juventus, courtesy of two goals in the final five minutes, Jose Mourinho was seen walking on to the pitch cupping his ear.

After the game, the manager insisted that he was insulting the home fans, rather responding to the abuse they had given him over the 90 minutes.

The game was a very good game. A high level game. It doesn’t matter what happened at the end. The game was really top. I think we performed at a high level. After their goal, we had five minutes to wake up again. But the team was there from the first minute until the last. In beautiful Italian, they insulted me for 90 minutes and then I didn’t insult them. I just made a little thing. I respect Juventus. I respect their players, their manager, the quality they have. And I’m really, really proud of my boys because their performance was really, really good.

When we lost 1-0 at home against Juventus, it was fairly demoralising. Mourinho claims that listening to the reaction of his players inspired him to come up with a new game plan for Wednesday night’s game.

A couple of our boys, they talked in the interview after the game at home, that they were a little bit… I got this. I worked around it. We had to come and not feel inferior. Of course, they have a different potential to us. Everybody knows their ambitions are different to ours. They’re in a very comfortable situation. We’re in a situation where we thought we needed to go until the last second in the last match.

The boys started really well with a good control of the game. They had one opportunity in the first half and everything was under control. They have phenomenal players. Of course, Cristiano can make that goal and the player that made that beautiful pass is a central defender. A high quality pass from a central defender. They have power and they have quality all over the park. They have an amazing bench to make fantastic changes.

It’s a big victory for us. Not just because we needed the points but because it was against a fantastic team with an amazing record at home.