Following Manchester United’s 2-1 win over Leicester in the Community Shield, Jose Mourinho has graciously paid respect to Louis van Gaal. He has reminded everything that the only reason United were played in the Community Shield was because Van Gaal lead United to victory in the FA Cup last season, and claims the Dutchman was part of United’s success on Sunday.

I have to thank Mr van Gaal because without the victory in the FA Cup we wouldn’t be here today so I am getting a trophy for the club and the boys and the fans and myself but I’m playing this match not because I won the FA Cup, I play this match because Mr van Gaal won the FA Cup so congratulations to him because he’s part of this. I think it’s nice and the spirit is good and to play against a team that is an end product, a team that is working together and plays exactly the same team as they had last season just without Kante and King playing instead. Leicester know the team they are and they are very automatic. We are in a process. We are changing the manager. We are changing a few players, we are trying to change the style of play, the principles of play so I think [the victory] was good.

With his first game won, Mourinho claims his ambition for the season is to win every single game.

My ambition is a stupid ambition, I have to confess, because it is an impossible ambition. But my ambition is to win every game. So my ambition now is to win against Bournemouth. Very difficult. Can we win? We have to think about that. After Bournemouth, it doesn’t matter the result, we play against Southampton and we want to win. We want to win every game. It’s a very stupid motivation but if you look in a different perspective, it’s what we have to do. Improve, improve, improve. Every match, we try to win.