Jose Mourinho has been the target of heavy criticism in the press this week. Reports have claimed he is looking to leave the club at the end of the season and is disconnected to the club. His decision to live in a hotel in Manchester, rather than buy a home, has added to this speculation. There’s the suggestion that club officials have been leaking these stories to the newspapers.

This morning, one newspaper published photos of United players arriving at training this morning and claimed they looked like players feeling the “uncertainty” over Mourinho’s future. They were literally just driving their cars.

Ahead of Friday night’s game against Derby, Mourinho has been clear with the journalists about where his future lies.

It depends on what you want to know and what you want to speak about. If you want to speak about some news, I say garbage! I don’t find a better word to define the talk.

If you want to ask me directly, which I suppose you want, if I see myself next season in Manchester United, I say I see myself [here] and, as I told you when I arrived, I am going to leave when the club wants me to leave because I have no intention to leave at all.

My intention is to stay and to work and to improve and to bring the club to where the club belongs. I want to stay. I don’t see any reason not to stay.

So, yes, I still have a contract. In fact, I am in the middle of my contract, I’m not in the last couple of months. My desire is to stay. It’s just a question of the club, the owners, the board, Mr [Ed] Woodward, [and what] they all want, [if] they all are happy with my contribution and they want me to stay beyond the end of this contract. But, yes, I want to stay.

One newspaper also discussed how often Mourinho had been in London with his family over the Christmas period. Yet the manager has not once missed a training session since being appointed and is angry that his dedication or professionalism has been questioned.

Speaking about my work and connecting my work to the garbage news is to say the worst thing that anyone can do to myself. It’s not to say that I am a bad manager, it’s not so say that I’m under-performing, it’s not to say that I made a mistake in this game or that game.

I think the worst thing somebody can do to me is to put one inch of doubt in my professionalism, in my dedication to my club, to my job, to my players, to every detail related to my job.

So, yes, the garbage news affected me just on this aspect but again I repeat, I am in the middle of my contract. If I am going to sign a new one or not, of course depends on the club. But my commitment with the club is total.