Jose Mourinho has been asked whether Marcus Rashford still needs to do more to impress him but the manager insists he’s already impressed with the young forward.

No. To impress me? He impresses me. That’s the reason why he was selected for every match of the season — absolutely every match of the season, and that’s why he played in so many of them, so he doesn’t need to leave to play or to need anything.

Mourinho was also asked whether Paul Pogba’s future was at Manchester United and the manager insists he has no intention of selling him.

I think he is going to be here next season. That’s my feeling. I can give the guarantee that I don’t want him to leave and that the club doesn’t want to sell him, and I can give the guarantee that we don’t have any approach from him or his agent or from any club. So in this moment, for me, he’s staying, yes.