Jose Mourinho’s first controversial decision as Manchester United manager was to instruct Bastian Schweinsteiger to train with the Reserves, claiming that wasn’t a place in the first team for the legendary German midfielder.

A Slovenian FifPro member, Dejan Stefanovic, claimed that Mourinho should be jailed for “bullying” Basti.

Bayern Munich president Karl-Heinz Rummenigge was also critical of Mourinho’s decision, saying: “One or two players are going to think long and hard in future about whether they want to go to such a club.”

Mourinho was questioned about Schweinsteiger’s future today and was happy to confirm that, despite the president’s remarks, they had made no attempt to sign their former captain. 

I thought after I read some quotes from people at Bayern Munich they would run to Manchester to bring him back. But, no, that didn’t happen. I’m surprised Mr Rummenigge is not here now.

Mourinho also confirmed that is unlikely Schweinsteiger would ever play for the club again, even if he doesn’t move elsewhere before the window closes.

He (Schweinsteiger) has spoken to me. I cannot answer for him. It’s his life, his career. He has a contract with Man United and a right to make that decision and stay. So that’s not a problem for us.

Football is made of decisions. I knew that all my career, not just me, everyone does.

Some players react in a different way and have different kinds of decisions. To be honest, Bastian is not speaking a lot. He gave his last statement which he is completely free to do in an objective and polite way. But I think it is very difficult for him (to play). I’m not saying it’s impossible. I’m saying it’s very difficult.

Football is made of decisions. I knew that all my career, not just me, everyone does.

We have a decision completely made about (Paul) Pogba, (Ander) Herrera, (Morgan) Schneiderlin, (Marouane) Fellaini, Michael Carrick. We have five players for two positions. It’s very, very difficult that an opportunity will arise.

I have 23 players in the squad and in principle nobody is leaving because I don’t want anybody to leave and nobody is coming – 23 players is more than enough.

If you have any kind of problem or opportunity I have a few young players in the academy that I will be more than happy to give them an acceleration in their process.