Following Manchester United’s 1-0 win over Tottenham Hostpur, Jose Mourinho has summed up his feelings on the game, and was smiling when discussing Anthony Martia;’s goal.

I think it was [a big win] against a very good team. But I think we started very well and strong which was good for our confidence. Then they balanced the game for periods. But in the second half we were a bit more aggressive and we had good chances. We hit the post and had to others. But in the end we won with a strange shot but a very good movement to make him face to face with the goalkeeper. He was cool but I think the shot was with his shinpad. But it doesn’t matter. His movement is good. He made the correct movement behind the defenders and it was cool.

Mourinho was also impressed with the improved determination from his players following the criticism he gave after the defeat against Huddersfield.

I think we all feel [that we have to win] every match. That’s why I was so disappointed at Huddersfield, because it looked like in that match that we didn’t know the responsibility, we didn’t know the ambition, we didn’t know that every point is a precious point. Today if we drew the match, or even in the last minute we concede a goal and lose 1-0, I would never be against the players because I felt that from minute one, every ball was like the last ball of their careers. They gave absolutely everything, so I’m really happy with them and, obviously, the result.