During his press conference ahead of Manchester United’s game against Arsenal, Jose Mourinho was asked about Pep Guardiola’s bizarre behaviour on Wednesday night.

Following Manchester City’s late win over Southampton, Guardiola charged on to the pitch and started shouting at Nathan Redmond. He wrapped his arm around his neck and proceeded to scream in his face.

On Friday, Guardiola expressed his regret over his behaviour and failure to control himself, and has been asked to explain his behaviour to the FA.

Mourinho, who has been banned and fined for kicking a water bottle since becoming Manchester United manager, as well as being sent off for stepping a centimetre on to the pitch, was reluctant to talk about how it’s seemingly one rule for him and one rule for everyone else.

Journo: Were you surprised that Pep didn’t get the same punishment as you have for running on to the pitch?

Mourinho: Surprised? No. Not surprised.

Journo: Is that because you think it’s one rule for you?

Mourinho: No. You ask me one question. Am I surprised? No.

Mourinho then turns to the press officer and clarifies that each journalist is allowed one question, and the next question has to come from someone else.

Several journos in union: Why were you surprised.

Mourinho laughs.

Mourinho: You see? Team spirit. That’s tactics. I can’t answer the second question. You know. If you are my friends, don’t ask me the question, because you know that I will get in to trouble.

Journo: Don’t you think that was a strange thing to do though? As a manager?

Mourinho: Don’t ask me this.