Jose Mourinho has tonight introduced a new award to the ceremony, the Manager’s Player of the Year, which he has given to Scott McTominay.

When I understood Scott was not getting an award, I change, it’s unacceptable. This kid cannot go home without an award. The meaning is important. Scott gives to every other kid that their dream can arrive.

When the dream becomes true, the next dream is to play in big matches and to play in the Champions League and eventually to play for the national team. This player gives everything, in five or six months, so my Player of the Year has to be Scott McTominay.

I always say that for me there are not young players or old players, it’s about the quality of the personality and this kid has everything I want so I think that it is good for the younger boys in the academy to look at him as an example.

McTominay thanked the manager for the award and the influence he’s had on his career so far.

A huge thank-you to the manager for what he’s done for me, both on and off the pitch; he’s been an incredible figure for me. Overall it’s just been an incredible year for me and I want to keep pushing forward now.