Following Manchester United’s win over Manchester City, Jose Mourinho has dedicated the win to our fans, saying he’s never had supporters like ours before.

I’m happy. The players did everything. They deserved to win. Everything in the last week went against us because the fans felt such a deeply negative result. We were not on a bad run of results. In the last seven we lost one. But it was a big defeat, numbers that the history of this club doesn’t deserve.

My heart belongs to the fans. I felt especially deeply for them. The reality is that I never had fans like these ones. We lost 4-0 and they were supportive. Today the stadium was full of real support and it looks like the love for the club is bigger than bad results and three bad seasons.

We must give something back and today, independent of the result, we could lose and I would have the same feeling for my players. They gave absolutely everything. In a very difficult run of matches – Liverpool, Fenerbahce, Chelsea, City – they gave absolutely everything. I think they deserved (it). Even if today we lost because the feeling was fantastic because the players showed they really care. They fought for the fans.