Scott McTominay put in a great performance for Manchester United in our 2-1 win over Chelsea. The youngster failed to track Willian for the opening goal but more than made up for that in the way he marked Eden Hazard out of the game.

Following the final whistle, Jose Mourinho sang the praises of his midfield three, while hailing the overall effort of the team.

I think he’s a fantastic player – a player that is what I call the modern midfield player, which in the end is a bit of what the top midfield players of the past were. They can do everything. The only thing he is not doing yet is scoring goals, which he can. But because I’m giving him different jobs, he’s not yet free to do that. We are starting from the basics and the basics he’s doing wonderfully well. I think he can also score goals – he has that talent. In pre-season, we understood that. But we are adapting him to his multi-functionality and he’s doing fantastic jobs for us, like he did in Sevilla against Ever Banega and today against Eden, so I’m really happy with the player.

I think Matic was phenomenal, I think Pogba played a fantastic game in our midfield. I could speak about my central defenders too and the guys in attack – the mission Alexis had, to be the third attacking player but at the same time the fourth midfield player to try to cover the area in front of Scott. I think everyone made a big effort. Could the result have been a draw? Yes it could. But I think in the second half we were more confident, we felt more confident with the defensive base and I think if somebody deserved a victory it was us. But, if you were to say a draw, I would accept that. The important thing for us is that we beat a fantastic team.