Manchester United beat LA Galaxy 5-2 in their first game of the pre-season tour of the USA last night. Marcus Rashford scored two goals in the first half, before the entire XI was replaced for the second half.

Jose Mourinho has sung the praises of Rashford, noting that his height and muscle mass has increased over the past year, and expects him to score more goals next season as a result.

It’s just the natural evolution of the kid. An accumulation of minutes on the pitch. You change your body when you’re a young kid, he’s already taller than when I arrived 13 months ago, he’s three centimetres taller and he put some muscle on but without any kind of specific work because his speed is the most important quality. Today he was in a different team to Lukaku [first half and second half]. We will also try both in the same team which I think can also work.

Last season in this period everyone was saying it would be difficult for me to play him but he was one of the top appearance-makers of the team last season which is good for his evolution. He played in the Europa League, important matches, and he’s learning a lot. He’s a great pro, has a great attitude and last season he maybe was not scoring a lot of goals and missing some chances but it was not a drama because that’s part of the evolution. We know he is going to score more goals than last season.