Inter Milan have won two European Cups in their history, the last of which happened in 1965. For them to reach the final this year, after knocking out the champions of England and Spain, is a massive achievement.

So, how is Jose Mourinho spending the week preceding the biggest game Inter have played for decades? Talking to the press about his likely move to Real Madrid after the Champions League final.

May 16th: “This is not my home. This is not an easy place to work and be happy. There has been no time to think. After Madrid (the Champions League final) there will be time to be selfish for one, two or three days and to think about what will make me happiest from a professional point of view.”

May 18th: “It’s not a problem of contract or money and that makes me slightly embarrassed because of what I earn considering the (world economic) crisis there is. It’s a problem of personal satisfaction, to feel respected or not in a football nation where I have had so many problems. It’s not true that I’m the Real coach. After the final, I want to think about my future.”

May 19th: “I want to coach Real Madrid 100%. Whether it’s next year or later, I can’t say. A coach or a great player who does not play at a club like Real Madrid would leave a void in their career. To get me to leave this club after two years of incredible work, only Real Madrid could achieve that. If I go, I will move with a clear conscience having changed the club.”

May 21st: “When the match finishes I can’t say that it’s going to be my last match. Maybe three or four days from now or a week from now a decision will be taken.”

Any club who has this man as their manager becomes Mourinho FC. This might be good enough for a club like Chelsea, who had just one league title to their name before he came, or a club like Inter, whose biggest bragging rights were that they had never been relegated, but we are Manchester United FC and this fella can’t be allowed to come anywhere near our club.