Jose Mourinho attended his first press conference as Manchester United manager this afternoon. He has spoken about his feelings on having this job and what he hopes to achieve.

I have arrived in to a club that is difficult to describe. It’s difficult to find the right words to describe this club. I don’t like that people call this the ‘dream job’. It is not a dream job, it’s reality. I am Manchester United manager. The reality is that this is a job that everyone wants, but not many have the chance to have it. And I have it. Obviously I know the responsibility and the expectation. At the same time I know the legacy, I know what is behind me. I know the history of this club. I know what the fans expect from me.

I think this challenge doesn’t make me nervous. My history in the last 10 years was always to leave with big club’s expectations. I think this has come at the right moment in my career. I feel well prepared, very stable and with great motivation. I can say I am where I want to be. I want to be in this club, I want to be in this country, in the Premier League. I feel a bit frustration that I’m not playing Champions League. Hopefully it is only one season that we are not there. When I say ‘we’, I know the club is much more important than myself. Manchester United is a Champions League club and we need to make sure that in July 2017 this club is where it has to be.