Following Manchester United’s 5-2 victory over Galatasaray, Jose Mourinho said he was happy with the performance, but is mindful that time is running out before the Premier League season starts.

Clearly not impressed with the conditions of China, Mourinho insists the squad are trying to make up for lost time with double training sessions ahead of Wayne Rooney’s testimonial and the Community Shield against Leicester.

The most important thing was to play, to give minutes to the players. The ones that played the least had 30 minutes and the ones that played the most had 60 or 65. They need to play. We lost a week in China and some of the boys who played today have trained for two days. We made the decision to give them 30-45 minutes of the game feeling that would be better for them than even a double training session. There’s not a long time to work, there’s not a long time to implement new ideas and principles of play. Everything needs time, everything is step by step, and we don’t have the time.

We have a game against Leicester next week then the Premier League in a couple of weeks. The only solution is to train hard and to train against opposition like today. I am happy with the intensity of the game. I’m really happy with the mistakes we made because you work on the mistakes. I’m really happy with the good things we did too. I’m happy with the spirit. I’m happy with the atmosphere. But we have to work. So tomorrow is a day off but Monday we have a double training session, then Wednesday Old Trafford for Rooney and for our fans. I will do the same as today and play 22 players. I don’t care about the result too much. I want to give minutes to everyone.