In 2016-17, Manchester United won the League Cup and Europa League, with the latter ensuring they qualified for the Champions League the following season after finishing 6th in the table.

While the trophies weren’t of the calibre that United fans had been accustomed to winning, it was still viewed as a great campaign for the supporters. Zlatan Ibrahimovic’s late winner against Southampton at Wembley, before the convincing 2-0 win over Ajax in Stockholm, was met with hysteria from the fanbase. The fact the Europa League win came days after the terrorist attack in Manchester only heightened the positivity.


However, speaking for the first time since being unveiled as Roma manager, Jose Mourinho has claimed people called that season a disaster.

“I won three trophies at Manchester United and that was seen as a disaster,” he said, including the Community Shield as a trophy. “I reached a cup final which I was not allowed to play at Tottenham, and that was seen as a disaster. What’s a disaster for me is considered as a great success for others.”

Even someone who hated Jose Mourinho and Manchester United would struggle to call that season a disaster, so it’s odd that the Roma manager would make up such a claim now.

This follows Mourinho’s claim a couple of weeks earlier that he finished 2nd and won the Europa League final in the same season with United, which never happened.

“This season, when people were saying ‘great season, finished 2nd’, when I finished 2nd it was a bad season,” he claimed. “When I finished 2nd and won the Europa League it was a bad season. But they finish 2nd and runner up in the Europa League, it’s a good season.”

Maybe Mourinho should focus on Roma instead of talking about United all the time?