Following Manchester United’s 5-2 win over Galatasaray, Jose Mourinho talked about how happy he was with the way his players performed, whether they were on for a long time or a short time.

I think everyone gave everything to improve, even the guys who came on at 4-2. I told them before they came on, ‘forget the result, don’t play like we are winning 4-2, you need these minutes to play high tempo and high intensity, so forget the 4-2’. That’s what they all tried to do. Of course, Marcus did well. Of course, Ibra showed glimpses of the things he can bring us. But when I see guys like Fellaini, Schneiderlin and Martial, who have trained for two days, and they come here. I told them, ‘don’t go with the intensity of the game, go with an intensity that makes you comfortable’. I prefer this way.

I am happy with the opposition they played. They have already played six or seven matches so were already at a higher tempo than us. I am happy with it all. I am happy that out of such a big group we have just Timothy [Fosu-Mensah] and Chris Smalling with little injuries. Everything looks like it’s going well for them.

Mourinho again stressed the importance of the squad and how some players, if they want to stay at United, may play less than they are hoping for.

If they weren’t in my plans, I wouldn’t give them one single minute. The squad is very competitive. The other day I was telling them that we have 38 matches in the Premier League, we have the possibility of 15 matches in the Europa League, as well as the domestic cups. They are going to play 60 matches, so 60 matches can’t be done with 11 players. So to be in this squad you have to realise the squad is more important than the individual. The club is more is more important than all of us, so to be in the squad you have to be ready for this. Playing, not playing, play a lot, play less, play 90 minutes, play one minute, not being selected, everything is part of squad life. And if you want to be in a squad at a big club like we are, the club is much more important than us.