David Moyes’ time in charge at Manchester United was appalling, with him guiding the champions of England to seventh within the space of a few months. He made the ridiculous decision to replace the club’s world class and experienced backroom staff with his men from Preston and Everton, with United playing dreadful football and failing to qualify for any European football.

In the years that followed, Moyes refused to accept any responsibility for the disastrous job he did, claiming he needed more time.

Ahead of returning to Old Trafford with West Ham this afternoon, Moyes has finally admitted that he didn’t do well enough.

When you go to the big clubs you get judged immediately and you have to expect that. I’ve said many times it is a brilliant club. It was a great, great job to have and I am more disappointed in myself that in my period I couldn’t do a better job. Overall as everybody has seen, Manchester United has had some of the best managers in the world, even in recent years, and it’s a tough job.

It happens in football that you don’t always get it right, you don’t win all the games you should do at times but I look back at it with really fond memories. the people I worked with, the players I had there, they were excellent players I just could not get it to work at the time.

I took over from Sir Alex which was a real difficult task but I was really, really fortunate to be offered the job. I was happy at the time to take I and I wish I could have done a bit better.

Not many people get offered the Manchester United job and to be offered it in the first place tells you exactly what you are thought of. At the time when I took the job, I was probably as ready for the job as anybody was.

Maybe other reasons, like there were a lot of changes going on in the Premier League. Teams were changing teams, teams were evolving. Manchester United were changing and evolving they just lost one of the best managers of all time and it was going to take a little bit of time to get it right. Unfortunately, I was the first one but I wouldn’t change it, it was a great job and I was really proud to be offered the job.