Following Manchester United’s dreadful campaign, there have been some suggestions that David Moyes is struggling under the presence of Sir Alex Ferguson.

With a Sir Alex Ferguson Way around the corner from the ground and a Sir Alex Ferguson stand in the stadium, it’s impossible to ignore that our former manager will always be a presence for any manager that follows. You don’t have the success he’s enjoyed without leaving your mark on the club.

However, he is in the stands for most games as a director, which some people have criticised. Undoubtedly, the same people would criticise Ferguson if he stopped attending, claiming that he was deserting Moyes and the club.

Moyes has responded to the people slating Ferguson and claimed that he has been incredibly supportive since he took over.

“It tells you that people don’t know me and don’t know Sir Alex,” Moyes told MUTV. “People are saying it because they have no idea about how it works. Sir Alex has been fantastic. He has been incredibly supportive and is only there to help me. I have a conversation with him when I need it and I tend to see him for a minute or two after the games. I have found him great and it has been the same with Sir Bobby Charlton and Bryan Robson. All the people around the club have been great as have all the former players, in the main. But there are a lot of people out there who are trying to twist the words or make out it is a problem. I have no problem with it at all.”