David Moyes has claimed that he needs to read up on the history of Manchester United to get himself up to speed on what this club has achieved.

“I will need to get the history books on Manchester United because I wouldn’t be the first person to be able to turn around and tell you every cup final or every game we’ve been involved in or all the players. I couldn’t do that,” he said. “But I want to try to get myself as knowledgeable as I can. Looking at the history of the club, of what’s happened, the players, it’s incredible. So I’m really looking forward to getting myself up to speed with that. But hopefully 26 years might give me the chance to get up to speed.”

Following on from our previous successful Scottish manager, Sir Matt Busby and Sir Alex Ferguson, Moyes hopes he can create his own dynasty at the club.

“I think there has been a succession of Scottish managers – Bill Shankly, Jock Stein, Sir Matt, George Graham – you could go on and on, I’ve probably missed a few out,” he said. “There have been some really good Scottish managers at the highest level, so if I could in some way be tagged on to the end of that list, because I’d been successful at Manchester United, then I’d be delighted. I think they’re actually saying: ‘We’re passing the baton on to you, it’s for you take the baton up and be successful’. I think that’s the way it’s been. But I tell you, there’s not one person who would turn around and say: ‘Taking over Manchester United, you think you can walk in there and breeze in and think you can do it easily’. Of course not. There has to be an element of fear that comes with managing a club like Manchester United. It keeps you working, it keeps you focused and helps you try not to take your eye off the ball.”