Screen Shot 2014-02-21 at 17.21.15David Moyes started the season by criticising the Premier League’s fixture list, suggesting that United’s opening fixtures had intentionally been made more difficult. In the opening few weeks of the season, we played Liverpool and City away, as well as Chelsea at home.

Whilst difficult fixtures could have explained our poor start to the season, it’s clear that the manager and players have to take responsibility for the points they’ve dropped since then and the position they now find themselves in.

Moyes was fairy prickly in this afternoon’s press conference and batted away a few questions about Wayne Rooney. “Don’t bore everyone!” he said to one journalist, who wanted clarification on what future role Rooney would have in the squad.

The press have been relatively easy going on Moyes so far, with him building a good relationship with journalists during his time at Everton, and being generally well-liked. Andre Villas-Boas is a good example of what will be written about you if you’re not popular, with the papers being filled with stories most weekends that suggested he was losing the plot. United’s current position is abysmal, but Moyes hasn’t received anywhere near the flack he could have done.

The final question he was asked today was a fairly supportive one, talking about the chances United might have to close the gap between us and the top of the table, and he bizarrely responded by hinting the Premier League were happy that United were doing badly.

This season, lots of people have said it’s the most competitive Premier League season ever, both the battle at the bottom, the top, top four, everything. Do you think this season more than ever there’s far more chance to make up a margin of eleven points?

I might disagree with you about the Premier League but that’s only me.

You don’t think it’s been as competitive?

I think the Premier League have got it the way they want it, that’s for sure. They’ve got what they wanted.

What do you mean by that?

I wouldn’t answer that.