David Moyes attended the Everton press conference ahead of their game against West Ham on Sunday. It was announced at the beginning that Moyes would not be answering any questions on United, much to the frustration of the journalists present.

Dan Roan, the Chief Sports Correspondent at the BBC, took to Twitter immediately to complain.

“I’m afraid David Moyes hasn’t got off to the best start by refusing to answer Man Utd questions at his Everton press conference today.”

I would argue quite the contrary, that by still showing respect to his current club, Moyes has got off to a very good start. There are some managers, with huge egos, who would relish the opportunity of talking about their new position. I bet Moyes didn’t sleep a wink last night, reminding himself over and over that he was the manager of MANCHESTER UNITED. Yet to remain entirely focussed on the job in hand, getting a result on Sunday, is admirable. Roan didn’t agree.

“Why disrespectful to Everton? Briefly address the elephant in the room and then move on. Just embarrassing. It was okay to issue a statement yesterday about United but not briefly talk about it today. What’s the difference?”

Maybe because yesterday Moyes wasn’t at an Everton press conference? Maybe because Moyes has said all he needs to say on the matter in his statement so there’s no need for further questions? What were the press intending on asking him – how does it feel? How did you get the job? Are you looking forward to it? I mean, despite the answers to those questions being bloody obvious, he addressed them all in his statement yesterday.

Nothing like a bit of siege mentality to United the fans. So far, so good.