Following the news that a plane will fly over Old Trafford on Saturday with a ‘Moyes out’ banner, David Moyes has claimed that the fans are entitled to do it.

“I have heard of it and what they are saying about it, but this is something which is a long journey here, this is only the start of the journey,” he said. “People can do that. They are entitled to do that.”

However, Moyes is under the impression that he has more support than is being reported though.

“Everywhere I go I get great support from Manchester United supporters,” Moyes said. “I was at a dinner last night for Darren Fletcher and there were Manchester United supporters who came up to me and said: ‘Come on, keep going, we understand exactly the situation the club is in and team is in.’ They were really supportive and every time I have been to Old Trafford they have been great. I am seeing a lot different from what a lot of people are saying but I understand that results matter.”