Following the Olympiakos defeat, Robin van Persie was accused of criticising his team mates because of comments in made in a post-match interview.

Van Persie claimed that some of his team-mates were “often playing in my zones” although his people quickly talked to the press about their surprise that his comments had been interpreted as a criticism.

This week, the papers have been full of reports that Van Persie is unhappy but David Moyes, who travelled back to England with Van Persie and Patrice Evra following the France vs Holland game, has dismissed those claims.

“I actually travelled back after the game, with Robin and Pat Evra,” Moyes said. “If you actually read the whole transcript I think it was taken out of context… we understand fully. Robin is a really good player and we will do everything possible to make those opportunities work for Robin. A lot of what has been said isn’t correct.”