150519David Moyes took Manchester United from Champions of England to 7th in just a few months after replacing Sir Alex Ferguson as the manager.

Moyes hasn’t ever won a trophy but instead of sticking with the hugely successful backroom staff United had on offer, who had overseen a whole host of title and trophy wins, he cleared them out and replaced them his coaches from Preston and Everton.

While Moyes wasn’t supported well enough in the transfer market, there’s no hiding from the fact his former club, Everton, finished above us. Even more damning is the fact Moyes brought Everton’s top scorer from the season before, Marouane Fellaini, with him.

18 months later, Moyes is still insisting he did nothing wrong and he deserved more time.

I wouldn’t have done anything different. I would have only done it different if I’d known it was 10 months instead of 6 years. My understanding was that I was going to a club which always looked after their managers, even when they were in trouble and it wasn’t going well, you got your time to sort things out. I was under that illusion when I was there.

I had a great group of players that had recently won the Premier League under Sir Alex, but it was going to take time for that to change and evolve. Of course there was going to have to be a change over of players in time. It wasn’t going to change in 10 months. But would I take the job again? Of course I would. There a very few managers in the world that wouldn’t want to manage Manchester United.