David Moyes gave an interview with the BBC which was aired this morning, where he claims he was shocked when United sacked him after taking the champions to 7th in the league in just a few months.

Whilst no one expected Moyes to retain United’s title in his first season, a top four finish was seen as the bare minimum requirement. The squad needed improving and Moyes was let down by Ed Woodward and the Glazers.

However, there is absolutely no excuse for finishing below the likes of Everton and Tottenham Hotspur in the table. When you consider that Moyes left Everton, brought their top scorer, Marouane Fellaini with him, and his former club still finished above United in the league, should be a source of huge embarrassment for the manager.

Instead of admitting that he did an appalling job, Moyes is still trying to argue he should have kept his job.

I got the job and I expected it to be a six-year plan. I signed a six-year contract… disappointed it didn’t go to plan. I expected to be given an opportunity to fulfil that and it wasn’t what was expected. It was really difficult when I lost the job initially because I didn’t really see it coming, even though I had been losing games. I knew that it could be difficult but I joined a club that I felt stood behind their managers, made sure they supported them in difficult times – Sir Alex had difficult times when he first took over. I do understand that the landscape has changed a little bit in football but I think that United always stood for the right things and I expected them to do what was right with me.